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Med Dred

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Album: Dred Reggae

The "Dred Reggae” EP includes six tracks, dubbed and remixed by Med Dred exclusive for the Dubophonic netlabel. Heavy one drops, deep echoes and reverbs, heart pounding bass lines and conscious lyrics are the ingredients of his musical recipe. Accompanied by many guests, Med Dred creates his own personal sound, still remaining true to the.

Released: August 2013

Label: Dubophonic

Dubophonic, netlabel from Cyprus, distributing mainly freely downloadable, CC licensed music, providing you with exclusive releases of quality dub music, from artists who are dedicated and passionate about their work. The releases are offered in digital format for free download. We retain focus on the art of dub music in its most diverse forms, whether electronic or acoustic/organic, roots or steppers, classic or contemporary. We are especially interested to promote crossover projects, fusing dub music with other genres of music, trying to define the outest boundaries of dub.


Schlagwortkette Reggae, Dub, Reggae-Dub

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